Worth scandal: Activist pestered by 'vulgar' calls

Worth scandal: Activist pestered by ‘vulgar’ callsLabour turned up the heat on Prime Minister John Key last night over his handling of complaints against former minister Richard Worth, issuing a statement said to be from a Labour woman activist detailing “vulgar” attentions to her. Dr… [NZ Herald Politics]

Contrary to news reports I think the heat has in fact been turned up on Phil Goff as to why he waited 75 days to present evidence about Dr. Worth’s alleged misconduct. Now don’t get me wrong here, I think Worth should go as an MP. I have said so on numerous ocaissions in the past.

Cactus Kate provides us with a useful insight into the motivations of the woman but also raises serious questions over the obfuscations of Phil Goff in all of this. DPF also raises the questions as to where these mysterious emails are and why his office have sat on an allegation since February, a massive 75 days by National party standards but still a long way short of prevarications of Clark-like proportions.

Phil Goff can’t have it both ways. He can’t act all pious AND have his own timeline of events so horribly out of sync.

On another note, an interested commenter at WOBH has pointed out that as a legal document the so-called affidavit isn’t actully an affidavit. It isn’t even signed. At best it looks like a dictated series of events as recorded and transcribed by Phil Goff’s lackeys. These are the same lackey’s who for days have been telling the media that they have emails and txts supporting their allegations who somehow now cannot produce the same emails and txts they claimed they have.

The allegations raised by Goff, though bad enough, simply smack of a political fit-up by Goff. One has to ask why Goff didn’t use this at the time of the misconduct allegations over Richard Worth’s trips to India. To pile this on top of those allegations would have tipped him over and Worth would have been gone back then. It is simply inconceivable that labour wouldn’t have used it back then if they knew about it.

That said, I am in no way sticking up for Richard Worth. He is a plonker of the highest order, a veteran rooter who tries it on with all and sundry and usually women in vulnerable positions. I know of one other woman personally who has been touched up by Worth on several ocassions. I won’t tell that story however, it isn’t mine to tell but it is fair to say that Richard Worth has form and thus he should go.

Phil Goff however needs to come clean or he should go too.