Are they quite mad?

Unlike the pinko DPF I think the Auckland Transitional Authority are stark, raving bonkers having Laila Harre as the cat in charge of the canaries. It isn’t a smart move it is in fact dumb.

Perhaps Rodney Hide might like to consider his speech in 2000 when Labour and the Alliance were foisted the Employment Relations Act upon us all.

Taken from Hansard

RODNEY HIDE (ACT NZ): I do have some questions and the Chairman knows that I have been seeking the call every time with Mr Willie Jackson.

I have been a bit disappointed that the Labour Government members have not been prepared to take the call and speak, particularly the members, and we have had only Willie Jackson. I hope that Willie Jackson will take a call. He made the point that when he was a union leader, so-called, when workers went out on strike he would take no pay.

My question to Willie Jackson is when workers go out on strike now because of this legislation, will he, as an MP, take no pay? Would he be prepared to live his principles while he is a parliamentarian? What we are seeing with Part 8 is the return of the strike as a lethal weapon into industrial relations in New Zealand. I think it is fitting that the Associate Minister of Labour, Laila Harré, should be in the chair because we well know her views. This is the woman who said to the Labour Party in 1987 that Joseph Stalin achieved more in 20 years than the West achieved in 200 years. This woman has never recanted from that view — not once. She has never said that what she thought of Stalin achieving in 20 years what the West achieved in 200 years was wrong. She still believes it to this day, and here she is seeing this legislation, inspired by Karl Marx, as I said in my earlier speech, being inflicted —

(The Chairman follows)

RODNEY HIDE: I am sure, and I certainly did not. I was just reporting that Laila Harré said that Stalin achieved in 20 years what it took the West 200 years to achieve. It is in the Evening Post. I can bring down her quotation, she has never denied it, and I have brought it up in question time before. I was also pointing out, and I said it in my speech, that this whole idea of bargaining and inequality comes from Karl Marx. The Chairman can read the books and he will understand. There is nothing unparliamentary about being a wee bit historical about where these crazy, mad ideas are coming from that this Government is inflicting on New Zealanders.


They would have learnt because that was 150 years ago. What we are having here is the return of the lethal strike to the New Zealand workplace. The ACT party is again having a mini-caucus and I am very interested in the comments made by Sue Kedgley on her amendment. I am hoping that Sue Kedgley will take a call to help us and explain the full ramification of her amendment that she has proposed here today because she read out that it covers a mammal, a bird, and essential services. I think that Ms Kedgley said that 3 days’ notice has to be given if it will affect essential services. What we are concerned with here is a mammal; a bird; a reptile; an amphibian; for those on the Government side, that means frogs; a fish, bony or cartilaginous; any octopus, squid, crab, lobster, or crayfish. The member asked what about cockroaches.

Hon. Maurice Williamson: What about Labour Party members?

RODNEY HIDE: I do not know about the Labour Party members. It means any other member of the animal kingdom that is declared from time to time by the Governor-General by Order in Council to be an animal for the purposes of this Act. So I guess that it would be up to the Governor-General to pick up cockroaches.

That’s right….Laila Harre thinks that Stalin achieved more in 20 years than the West took 200 years to achieve. She said that in 1987 in the Evening Post. And to my knowledge she has never resiled from that position.

This is going to end in tears, and Mark Ford will be the one we can blame for this silliness.