Are Waikato Police a bunch of poofs?

Did anyone else see the news about the ridiculous situation that unfolded in Hamilton yesterday where a bunch of pussy, limp wristed, politically correct, hemp suit wearing, latte supping police officers had to call for a Taser (from Auckland, delivered in a helicopter) to dislodge an unarmed (well he did have some sticks), half naked twat from the river bank. Hell, I though police carried batons….seems like they just like sticking them into pissed, naked sheilas.

FFS why didn’t they set the dogs on him? If he fell into the river and they had chosen to rescue him there was a boat on standby.The cold dunk in the Waikato would have cooled his anger in about 1 second and diminished his strength by about 60% real fast.

Oh hell, they should have just Tasered him and been done with.

Crusher Collins needs to leap on the gonads of those present.