Attention National Party Board Candidates

I have had a great deal of comment about my Board nomination post. Both on the blog and also via email, plus a few phone calls. As a result and interests of further exploring the candidates skills and qualifications I have decided to offer an open invitation to all candidates for the Board positions of the National Party the oppotunity to state their case and to answer some questions I have on this blog. All repleies will be posted in the order in which I receive them.

Accordingly I invite you to submit via email (whaleoil(at) a summary of 400 words or less about yourself and why you would be a good candidate for the board of the National Party. Additionally please provide answers to the following 10 questions.

  1. What experience do you have winning campaigns for the National Party? Please provide tangible examples.
  2. How do you believe social media will influence the 2011 campaign?
  3. What experience do you have with political fundraising, and how do you view the role of president being chair of the board and chief fundraiser? More tangible examples so we know you actually can deliver.
  4. Where do you see the future of the National Party in the next ten years, and what will you do to build its strength?
  5. Explain how you see the relationship between electorate campaigns and the party vote, preferably with examples of campaigns you have been involved with.
  6. What was the single most impressive part of Barack Obama’s campaign?
  7. Do you believe political campaigns should be state funded?
  8. In an increasingly multicultural country, what do you think the National Party should be doing to reach out to non traditional National voters?
  9. What role do you see for young people in the party, and what would you do to make the Young Nats stronger?
  10. Explain how you would stand up to caucus and represent the Party interests over the parliamentary interests.

I look forward to your replies.