Aussies steal another Kiwi icon

The Aussies in the form of the ANZ Bank have nicked another Kiwi icon for their own purposes.

The ANZ Bank has set up an endowment fund for young actors called the Rob Guest Endowment Fund. Slight problem, the ANZ has forgotten that the NZ part of ANZ sstands for New Zealand.

An endowment in the arts in the name of Rob Guest has been announced, but it is only open to Australians.

The New Zealand entertainer who died last year, will be commemorated in an annual competition that will take emerging young Australian performers to Broadway. One person will be selected every year and will be given funds and training to kick-start their career.

The fund has being set up by the ANZ Trustees Foundation. The ANZ is one of New Zealand’s so-called “big four” trading banks.

An ANZ spokeswoman says the trust was set up by Australians, in Australia. She says there is no reason why New Zealand could not set one up itself.

Guest died in Melbourne last year after suffering a massive stroke. The 57-year-old had been starring in the musical Wicked.

Bloody Aussie nickers, Rob Guest was a Kiwi before you nicked him and now you dishonour his craft and his heritage by making the endowment available only to Aussie actors.

Perhaps the ANZ should check out their Values page on their website.

Our values are:

  • Integrity – ‘Do what is right’
  • Collaboration – ‘Work as one’
  • Accountability – ‘Own your actions’
  • Respect – ‘Value every voice’
  • Excellence – ‘Be your best’

Let’s score them. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, they miss out on every one of them. Might I reccommend to Kiwi customers that they ditch this parochial Aussie Bank.