Bad start to the Week for Len Brown's campaign

Conor Roberts, the Council funded Labour lickspittle employed to push Len Brown’s barrow for the Super City, has got his work cut out for him if the start of this week is an indication of how out of touch Len Brown is with his own community.

LOCAL elected members are “furious” with Manukau City councillors who have refused to listen to their recommendations for the naming of the new $2.2 million athletics track and pavilion at Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Len Brown and some other councillors vetoed the board reccomendation on the naming of a local athletics stadium in order to push their own agenda and thus have jeopardised funding for the stadium in the process. As one councillor points out it’s ironic that councillors “have overturned a unanimous, well-researched decision” of a community board, while advocating greater powers for future local boards in the future super-city local government structure for the Auckland region.

Len Brown then followed up that egregious insult to the people of Pakuranga by refusing to return calls from the NZ Herald about his cities prominence in the violent crime statisitics, preferring instead to take the ostrich approach and stick his head in the sand.

Perhaps Aaron Bhatnagar is right when he says;

Maybe Mayor Brown was too busy reading the rather dodgy UMR poll result, but I would have thought the people of Manukau deserve a voice on the issue of violent crime in their city.

Yes, Len Brown and Conor Roberts both have been caught pimping a spurious poll as a story about how popular Len Brown supposedly and at the same time were missing ain action on the appalling “killing fields” that they preside over.

Greg Newbold though is going to cop a flogging for saying what most of us know already but aren’t allowed to say;

Manukau Mayor Len Brown did not return requests for comment, but the Government has promised 300 new officers for the district by the end of next year.

Criminologist Greg Newbold said the high crime rate in areas like Counties Manukau and Bay of Plenty was due to the make-up of the community. “There are lots of Maori living in those areas. Maori are associated with violent crime,” he said.

They all blame alcohol but ignore the dramatic impact of methamphetamine.