Barry Colman does his nut

Barry Colman has had a massive rant in his email to subscribers. It starts off talking about how he is going to gouge them some more for their week old content. Then he gets into a good old fashioned dummy spitting rant about the new media.

As you know, there has been endless discussion for a number of years about the crazy model adopted by newspapers in most parts of the free world in which they pay the enormous costs of running professional newsrooms only to give their content away free – while at the same time slashing newsroom numbers to save money as circulation and advertising revenues fall.

And to add to the madness it has been the aggregators that have profited the most from the supply of that free news copy.  Worse still the model has spawned a huge band of amateur, untrained, unqualified bloggers who have swarmed over the internet pouring out columns of unsubstantiated “facts” and hysterical opinion.

Most of these “citizen journalists” don’t have access to decision makers and are infamous for their biased and inaccurate reporting on almost any subject under the sun (while invariably criticising professional news coverage whose original material they depend on to base their diatribes).

It is only a matter of time before the model collapses. The alternative is newsrooms decimated to the point of processing public relations handouts or unedited government propaganda from their fully staffed team of spin doctors.

Oh really Barry “Fucking” Colman? It is stuck in the mud old f**kers like you that are harming the media industry.There is an old rather coarse sayingthat you could never publish but one that I will that fits your ill-tempered rant. Fit In Or Fuck Off.

The world has changed, I suggest you do too. Looks like I won’t be trotting off to the Howick Stationers this week to get Hooton’s article, the only one I like to read.

You know I can’t remember the last time I read an actual newspaper. The Herald keeps giving me freebees in the letter box, they go straight in the recycling bin, conveniently located right next to the letter box for junk mail.