Bill Liu arrested, wonder how long before Jones is?

Shane Jones must be a very nervous MP right about now. His benefactor Bill Liu aka Yang Liu aka William Yan aka Yong Ming Yan has been arrested.

Police have charged a multi-millionaire businessman, who was granted New Zealand citizenship in controversial circumstances, with making false declarations on immigration papers and using fake identities to obtain a passport.

Yong Ming Yan – also known as Bill Liu, Yang Liu and William Yan – was supported in his citizenship bid last year by Labour MPs Dover Samuels and Chris Carter, and National MP Pansy Wong.

Police arrested him last Saturday as he was about to board a plane to leave the country.

He appeared in Manukau District Court, and is facing 12 charges in relation to false declarations on his immigration papers, having false passports and using deception to gain citizenship.

My understading of the case is that Pansy just wrote a letter. Dover Samuels and Chris Carter will be a little nervous but Shane Jones will probably be in a conference with his lawyers today and praying that Bill Liu doesn’t squeal like a piggy.