Broke Labour goes for Public Funding of Political Parties

Labour puts up dollar-a-vote election funding planThe Labour Party is renewing its call for state funding of political parties, suggesting a formula that would give the two major parties more than $1.8 million between them. The recommendation is contained in Labour’s submission… [NZ Herald Politics]

A desperate, broke and dying Labour party wants taxpayers to fund their election campaigns.

If they had members they would have donations, and if they whinge about big business not giving, in the US where the cap on presidential campaign donations is $2300 per donor Obama managed to get approximately 1% of the population to give to his campaign.

Small donations, lots of people, because he actually represented people rather than an ideology that only survives in the minds of the liberal elite who need a hand out to perpetuate it.

Labour have seriously underestimated the mood of the people and their tolerance for troughing politicians dipping their greedy little trotters ever deeeper into our pockets. If anything people want to see less taxpayer money, not more, spent on party campaigning.

I hope Labour thinks this is a die in the ditch issue for them.