Bye, bye Phil?

How long does Phil Goff have as the pro tem Opposition leader?

It can’t be long because despite their win in Mt Albert and the scandals of Richard Worth, which Phil Goff orchestrated, the damage simply isn’t coming in the polls.

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows that in fact the gap between the members of the government and the Labour/Green opposition has grown by another 1%.

National Party 54% (up 2%)
Maori Party 3% (up 0.5%)
ACT 1% (down 1.5%)
United Future 0.5% (unchanged)

Labour Party 31.5%(down 1.5%)
Greens 8% (up 0.5%)
NZ First 1% (unchanged)
Progressive Party 0.5% (unchanged)
Others 0.5% (unchanged)