Clown caught redhanded in charity fiddle

Andrew Williams cheats charity out of $1000Ok so I missed out on the auction for an hour and half with the Clown from Campbells Bay.

I did a little investigation though and it seems that Andrew Williams has scored a monumental PR disaster.

You see the person who won the the auction is selling a car. On the auction for the car they list two numbers. One of those numbers is 476-3999.

If you look at the North Shore City Council website it lists Andrew Williams home number as precisely that number. Also on the North Shore City Council Website is his profile which lists his family members.

Lo and behold the name of the winning bidder also happens to be the name of his daughter, who is selling a car and lists her home number as that of Andrew Williams.

So Andrew Williams conspired with the auction providers and Tardme to ban other bidders, remove bids already there at $250 down to $80, hurts the charity, then bids for himself. The evidence of collusion with Tardme is overwhelming. You see there were numerous unanswered questions and at the end of an auction the questions are published. In this case they have not been plus some others that were answered have been removed or sanitized.

This is now going to be a major news story about a Mad Mayor who was cowed by a blogger who essentially ripped off a charity and did it all himself.

Andrew Williams must resign immediately after being caught out fiddling a charity auction. He must resign now. These sort of actions are unconscionable for an elected representative and worse for a Mayor. Resign Andrew Williams.