Comparative advertising

Finally New Zealand is starting to catch up with the rest of the world with regards to comparative advertising. Some companies though aren’t taking too kindly to it and usually because they are the ones copping stick.

Like negative campaign ads, comparative advertising is usually more truthful and in two recent cases the truth hurts the main player.

Firstly Hampsta has been sticking it to Chrisco with their ad and Chrisco got all uppity about it and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. Their complaint was tossed out.

Now Hampsta wants an apology and rightly so.

Hampsta Commercial – Alcohol from Commercial Approvals Bureau on Vimeo.

Cadbury similarly has recently copped a lot of stick for changes to their recipe and Whittakers has pounced with their comparative ad. Likewise Cadbury has retaliated by complaining to the ASA. This complaint will ultimately prove futile as well.