Dalziel in a snit still

Lianne Dalziel is still in a snit over the rumour that she will stand for the Christchurch Mayoralty.

Once again this heads up of her snit, like the original tip about her mayoral tilt came through the tip line and it was a Christchurch listener who thought I should know.

Have a listen. It is radio gold as she denies that blogs have an influence. I hope she running Labour’s online strategy and advising Labour to ignore blogs.

The strangest part of this entire debate was Lianne continuing to bag Sam Lotu-Iiga. Labour appear directionless, tactically attacking a strong new MP, rather than thinking about the strategic implications. Labour have always used council as a stepping stone, and all they are doing is ensuring Whaleoil nails every single one of them that tries to stay on council and be an MP – jobs that many back benchers have coped with in the past.

Whats his name, or that other bloke, you know who I mean, the leader pro-tem and the president of Labour, need to tell caucus to stop screwing up chances of good Labour people in the future for a minor tactical victory. If they really want to beat up on Sam they need to get rid of that no hoper union hack and get a proper candidate in Maungakiekie.