Dealing with CYF – FAIL!

I have a good friend who is in the midst of a crisis. Her sperm donor who likes to be called a father is a jerk and his new missus is worse. The child came home from a week with the sperm donor and new slapper and some interesting information came to light.

My friend, after some serious thought about her courses of action, decided to contact CYF for some advice. This is her email to me outlining her frustration with the whole process.

How dare I as a white, middle class citizen even consider calling CYF as a last resort!

It seems that’s because of both my address & the sperm donor’s address – ‘We can afford lawyers to sort it out!” I am appalled!

  1. I have spent years paying for my lawyers penthouse, – I am sick of paying ($350/ hr) for no real result!
  2. Why when I finally request desperate assistance, do I not get /receive constructive help?
  3. I am glad my child isn’t in a dryer, missing fingers or got cigarette burns YET! However apparently this works against me!
  4. Is it because;
    • Failed, I have a job and so does he!
    • Failed, wrong colour?
    • Failed, I pay for government support but perhaps I am not really entitled to it!
    • Failed, my address is in a ‘good middle class white area’!
    • Failed, child still has all its limbs!
    • Failed, the child is still alive!
    • Failed, oh dear I’m not on drugs!
    • Failed, whoops I haven’t deprived child of access to the sperm donor!
    • Pass, should I resign from my job, claim indigenous lineage of some sort, join a gang, turn into a crack addled medusa and shift to a real bad arse area to get attention?

Did i miss anything? I guess ‘Hi ho it’s off to family court again I go’ $$$$$$$

Let me assure dear readers that there is more on this story that I will blog in due course. For now though, CYF just can’t seem to be bothered protecting a child for some reason.