Deputy Mayor Bob Harvey?

Ok this story has been arriving in the Tipline inbox for a couple of days now and from many different sources so it must have some veracity.

it appears from information that has come to hand that Bob Harvey  thinks he has cut a deal with Len Brown  not to stand against Len for the Mayoralty of the Super City.

The word has it that Bob Harvey is pretty happy to have agreed to stand only for the council and then Len Brown would appoint him as Deputy Mayor.

Perhaps the both of them are being a little presumptuous, but then again Labour’s own multi-national polling company UMR is busily putting out portions of Labour’s omnibus poll result suggesting that Len Brown may beat John Banks.

Knowing Bob Harvey though it would be likely that he has whored this idea around other mayoral contenders but one thig is for sure he won’t have spoken to the mad Mayor of North Shore, the charity auction fiddler, Andrew Williams .