Fact or Crap – Pearl Going

I was at Whitcoulls the other day and my son and daughter saw a cool looking game called Fact or Crap. Basically there are a whole lot of questions, positions, statements and you have to decide whether they are Fact or Crap.

So here is the Whale Oil Beef Hooked version of Fact or Crap.

  • Speaks Arabic, French and Spanish but can barely type in English
  • Has a BSc from Otago. (They have no record)
  • she also says she has no degree
  • Says she went to Senior College (They have no record)
  • Says she went to Oxford University in 2006 where she studied Human Sciences, Politics and International Relations at New College. She says she studied medicine for two and a half years at Oxford. (I have a letter from Oxford saying she never, ever enrolled)
  • also AUT in 2002 where she studied Human Sciences
  • also Canterbury in 2005 where she studied international studies
  • she says she has a pilot’s licence but won’t say where from.
  • Says she last flew up north but will give no details.
  • Says her “Clean” jeans are made in NZ, She won’t say where. She says they are sold at a store in LA She wont say where. She also says they are sold as a “best seller” in Barneys
  • She says she sourced the red silk for Natalie Portman’s dress from Zac Posen,
  • She says she was engaged to Leon Rothschild and that he slashed his wrists at the end of last year when she broke off with him.
  • She says she is a friend of NY socialite Tinsley Mortimer.
  • Says she is mates with Marc Jacobs and was his fabric buyer and that she was Zac Posen’s muse.
  • When asked if the Tinsley Mortimer quote on her Facebook was about her and she went all coy and smiled.
  • She says she was in Brazil doing charity work and saved lives in a plane crash which she was in.
  • She has siblings by different fathers. The siblings are part maori
  • She says 2 weeks before her 16th birthday she was drugged and raped by [removed by request of person concern] who abused her for six hours and then left her body in a dumpster. [person’ name deleted as per request] is a pilot now living in the UK. I am told he is a very very decent and good young guy.
  • She says she has breast cancer
  • She says her mother has cancer of the colon and is going into hospital.
  • She says her father is an alcoholic because of what happened to “his little girl”.
  • She says she supports orphanages in Burma, Fiji and Sierra Leone but will give no details. She pictures of herself with Thai kids.
  • She says she worked for FairTrade and Amnesty.
  • She says she has spent 71 days in NZ in 2008 and maybe 6 months in NY in 2007 but she is in and out a lot so no specifics.
  • The Clean Green Air company doesn’t google.
  • She did used to work for Powercall as a telemarketer
  • Her mum’s name is Maxine 021 18X XXXX. She is a massage therapist and cleaner
  • She applied for a job at FairTrade with a stethescope hanging out of her bag and wearing scrubs. and she got job with forged refs from Oxford that said she was the brightest student they had seen.
  • Says she is  23 and  28
  • Says she lives off Trust Fund
  • Says she dated Peter Hujlich but threw a glass of wine on him when he called Peter Stewart a paedophile. He denies even knowing Peter Stewart
  • Has a handbag label using pleather – which is supposedly eco-friendly leather but which is actually plastic
  • Was a pilot in Brazil, saved everyone in a crash with her medical degree
  • Grew up on a farm in Southland next to the Stewarts, Pieter is her mum’s best friend also that she grew up in Tutakaka in a hippy family
  • Worked for the UN for years
  • Has been offered a job by Kate Sylvester after knowing her ten minutes
  • Been on a yacht with Richard Branson, who is her “friend” watching the moon rise

Fact or Crap – Pearl Going….you be the judge.