Field: I don't recall any help offer

Field: I don’t recall any help offerTaito Phillip Field says he has no recollection of a Thai painter offering to help him out after he intervened to get the man a work permit. The former Government minister faces 35 charges alleging he accepted work from Thai tradesmen… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh now we have the “I can’t remember defence” from Philip Field, the man Helen Clark and Michael Cullen declared was guilty of nothing more than being “helpful” to his constituents.

Yeah, he was helpful alright, helped himself to their money, their houses, their labour, their votes and tried to get their silence as well.

Next thing he will claim it is all because of his “Samoan-ness” that these troubles have befallen him. I kid you not, this is a defence used quite often in court to explain kiddy-fiddling and diddling parishoners. It always fails but they still try it on.