Goff's jobless man owns other property

Phil GoffGoff’s jobless man owns other propertyAn unemployed man put forward by the Labour Party as one who would benefit from its policy to pay the dole to people whose partners are still earning owns two properties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to his lifestyle… [NZ Herald Politics]

Can Phil Goff trust his staff?

I would think not. Almost daily now hisattacks end up making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The latest gaffe by Goff is the millionaire property owner that Phil Goff says his policies would help.

They fed this story to the media, they milked it in parliament and on Twitter and then it blew up because they were less than honest with the media.

Phil Goff’s days as pro tem Leader of the opposition are numbered. It’s coming up to spring so the BBQs will be cleaned off ready for the plotting. Given the history of the Labour Party though, I’d be looking for small groups carting large packets of fish and chips around.