Have you seen this man?

I’ve been asked to assist to help identify this man.

A photograph of an unknown man suspiciously measuring up a shop door in Newmarket has been released to the media with the local business community keen for him to be identified.  

Do you know this man?The man, possibly pushing 40, was pictured in broad daylight today outside Newmarket menswear store Menon, 200 Broadway.

Owner of Menon, Praveen Menon, claims not to know the unknown man and certainly did not ask the man to do any repairs or maintenance on his shop door.

“I did not see this man measuring up my door. He probably did his business quickly while I was serving a customer. One thing’s for sure, he’s not wearing a Menon jacket, looks more like something from Saks. We just hope he doesn’t come back and attempt a ram raid,” says Mr Menon.

The head of the Newmarket Business Association Cameron Brewer is also concerned.

“Its sale time in Newmarket and there are a lot of goodies up for grabs. This is the last thing we need. The image is clearly very disturbing. Law enforcement is right to suspect him. To me he looks like a real thug. Luckily we have our CCTV cameras in Newmarket to catch these mongrels before they strike,” says Mr Brewer.

The Newmarket Business Association is now appealing to members of the public to help identify this man.