Herald wrong on Quinny

Paul Quinn made page 23 of the Business Herald Friday (sorry no link) for bumping a tv cameraman. As much as an MP wants to bash the odd journalist it is not a great move. But the Herald seems to think it is career limiting. Of course this was all the plan of the little ginger whinga Chris Hipkins and his mate Trevor Mallard to beat this story up.

They even shopped it around the gallery in attempts to get them to try to lay charges.

Whaleiol thinks The Insider should think a bit more like an insider and less as a taudry gossip columnist. Not everyone in caucus can be a star, and we don’t need the whole caucus in cabinet. National as a party is very nice and we don’t have enough head kickers.

So while Quinny might be a rugby-head and a bit to quick to retaliate first, he fills a valuable role in the party. National needs a head-kicker who is willing to take a few hits for a good cause. No-one else is willing to go toe to toe with Labour brawler and respected Whaleoil commenter Trevor Mallard.

So the prissy media should stop turning up their collective noses as if someone farted and realise Paul Quinn fulfils an important role for National. Now Tau has become a bit too concilatory Quinny is the go to guy for whip Chris Tremain if someone like Pete Hogdson is pwning poor little wee Nikki Kaye in the house and she needs a big brother to stand up for her.

One thing you can say about Quinny is he won’t be out drinking with Farrar and his pinko mates.