Hi Everyone…what sort of naf email is that?

Whaleoil and Stephen Tindall have a mutual friend – one of the “everyone” who received his email advocating the Kampuchean Solution to the Global Warming Question.

Here’s what the wanker had to say:

Hi everyone

As you are aware I’ve been a passionate participant in the environmental space for some 12 years now. I believe New Zealand needs to make a commitment before the next round of climate change talks in Copenhagen later this year and for that reason have lent my name to the Sign On campaign which is advocating a target of 40% reduction in green house gases by 2020.

Please take a look at their website XXXXX and if you agree with me then sign on.

Best wishes

Stephen Tindall
PO Box 33181, Takapuna 0740, Auckland
Level 1, 1 Blomfield Spa, Takapuna 0622, Auckland
PA – Elaine Russell
Tel: 00649 488 3240
Fax: 00649 486 2365
Mobile: 021 464 900

What’s the “everyone” bullshit? Sounds like Richard Gere saying he’s “speaking for the entire world”

And what does it mean to be a “passionate participant in the environmental space”????

Call Tindall on his mobile and tell him he’s a wanker.

If he has his way on the 40% target, New Zealand will either look like we’re liars (again), or we’ll all have to be sent to Waiouru to grow rice and have plastic bags put over our heads.

Oh and take me off your stupid mailing list.