Hounding the Liberal Elite

Bill Ralston gets into the liberal elite masquerading as directors of State Owned Enterprises after Mark Weldon gave them a ticking off.

By the way I note Weldon also slammed SOE boards as being largely comprised of ex-politicians who pump too much money into sponsoring flash openings of events that are aimed solely at the Wellington cultural elite. This is done at the expense of the wider community and SOE’s should redirect that spend back into regional communities.

I am not a founding member of the Mark Weldon fan club but if he keeps on dishing out good sense like that, I may well sign up.

I’m with Bill here, I’m no fan of Weldon but he is dead right, the liberal elite are swanning around getting subsidised for their leisure activities at vast expense.

How about giving to charities that actually contribute positively to the community, because they try to, not play silly instruments or prance around on a stage. That doesn’t contribute to society, no matter how much the liberal elite say how important culture is.

Charities like;




It is a shame we don’t have a socially responsible SOE sector.