How Gullible is Mike Lee?

The UMR poll was not about Banks vs Brown, contrary to the spin that Labour flunkies and lap-bloggers are putting about.

Auckland local government watchers in Auckland and in Wellington have been gossiping hard and fast over the last 48 hours.

The UMR/Labour/Team Brown poll (for that’s what it really is), was not about Banks vs Brown.

The purpose of the poll was actually about Len Brown vs Mike Lee for the chance to be the left-wing challenger.

Labour want to burn off Mike Lee, who doesn’t come from the ranks of Labour (he’s actually ex Alliance). Lee, who is tougher than Brown, and capable of knocking bureaucratic heads together to get what he wants, is pursuing the right to be the left wing challenger with gusto. This isa lso the reason behind the back-room deals to get Brown Eye Bob Harvey to back off as well/

Labour released this silly two-poll fart-in-a-thundertorm stitchup to try and shoe-horn Lee into believing:

a) Lee can’t win
b) Brown can

It was a ruse by which they could try to get the Greens to acquiesce their interests in favour of Labour.

So the question for Mike Lee is this – how gullible are you?