How to piss off key influencers – 101

Wira Gardiner is throwing his toys.

He had asked to talk with the “Class of 2005″, he even describes them, rather condescendingly, as such in his email and wanted to attend one of their meetings. He was given a rather polite, thanks but no thanks, we’re wanting to remain impartial” response.

Well that just set Wira off. Here is his response to them all. BTW none of them sent me this email, a loyal reader has alerted ne to his petulance.

From: Wira Gardiner [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 20 July 2009 9:15 a.m.
To: Katrina Shanks
Cc: Chris Auchinvole; Christopher Finlayson; Paula Bennett; David Bennett; Jackie Blue; Chester Borrows; Jonathon Coleman; Jacqui Dean; Craig Foss; Jo Goodhew; Tim Groser; Nathan Guy; John Hayes; Tau Henare; Colin King; Chris Tremain; Nicky Wagner; Kate Wilkinson
Subject: National Party Board Candidate – Wira Gardiner
Importance: High

Katrina and Class of 2005 – Tena Koutou
Thank you Katrina for your email rescinding the previous decision to allow me 5 mins with the Class of 2005. Given the importance of this issue I have taken the liberty of copying in all of the Class of 2005.
I am deeply disappointed by this response.
I have made significant efforts to meet and talk to delegates across the country (travelling at my own expense); I have written; emailed and made phone calls to them. They have responded on wet Sunday afternoons and they have responded from far distances. If the ordinary members of the Party can turn out to hear a candidate and ask questions why is it that an influential section of the Parliamentary wing cannot do so for 5 mins? How would you as candidates have fared if voters had given you this response?
In the interests of building a Party organisation relevant for the 21st C I ask that you reconsider this decision; failing that, I would appreciate hearing from those of you in the Class of 2005 (who I have not already had the opportunity from) who would be prepared to give me 5 minutes individually – I will endeavour to work with your diaries.
Nga mihi
Wira Gardiner

Wow, he insults every single one of them. I don’t think they are going to be well disposed to supporting his nomination for the board lest he makes it and becomes the President.

How petulant. Yet another reason why Wira Gardiner is un-suited for the Board. He looks like a No. 8 and so he should be No.8 on delegates preferences. Oh and pointing out he has paid for trips to see delegates, well boo-fucking-hoo, was that because he couldn’t find a convenient trough to snuffle from to do it? Tell people who give a shit.