Is Phil Goff actually Alfred E. Neuman?

Phil Gogg is Alfred E NeumanPhil Goff has been nicking parliamentary funds again to try to convince us, despite his subterranean poll ratings, that he is the man for the tough times.

Despite a lifetime of public troughing he seems to think that he and not someone who has actually earned a dollar of their own is best suited to run the country.

There is a slight problem for Phil Goff though, the next election isn’t until 2011 and he won’t be the leader of Labour then anyway.

Of course it was Bryce Edwards who first drew this appalling waste of taxpayers money to our attention but the best view on this comes from David Aaronson who put together the image at left.

David Farrar is going for the “Phil the Inspiring” mockery but it is Aaronson that sums it up best.

If you were a fan of Mad magazine growing up, you’ll remember Neuman’s motto, ‘What, me worry?’, and the tradition the magazine had of changing his face to resemble political figures of the day. We think Goff resembles Alfred E. Neuman so much, he’s a virtual stand-in.

I also reckon the likeness is uncanny. I think Phil Goff has a new nickname folks. I also think it suits him.

The leader of the opposition (pro-tem) should be very worried when even those on the left are now openly mocking him.