Is the Party over?

Jim Anderton’s little ban of sychophants looks dead and buried according to NZPA.

Time Of Death on ProgressivesThe Progressive Party is effectively standing aside at the next election and its members have been told they are free to join Labour if they want to.

Party leader Jim Anderton says in his latest newsletter that working with Labour is the best way promote Progressive Party ideas in mainstream politics.

He said he had discussed dual membership with Labour’s New Zealand Council and there were no problems with it.

“This means Progressive Party members are free to join their local Labour Party branch and retain their Progressive Party membership,” he said.

A spokesman told NZPA the Progressive Party would not run a candidate list at the 2011 election and would not campaign for the party vote.

Back in May I called TOD on the Progressives and was roundly poo-poohed by them that the part was effectively defunct. With that article from NZPA my prediction has come true. The Progressives now o longer exist as a seperate party other than for Jim Anderton to rort additional funds from teh taxpayer as a party leader. The Progressives are merely an adjunct of the Labour Party with essentially the same status as union flunkies.

It makes this post by Eddie at the Standard interesting in that John Pagani is mentioned as being a contender for the Labour party General Secretary role. The relationship between posts by Eddie on Mt Albert, John Pagani, Super City, Len Brown and “democratic primaries” is another post all to its self that can wait for a more opportune time.

Could Anderton even be contemplating the full merger of the Progressives into Labour and the ousting of Goff in order to steer the ship off the rocky shores?

Essentially though Jim Anderton and his charade of a party is over as I predicted in May this year.