It's time

Surely now it is time for a sentence for our worst crims of Life with no possibility ever of parole. David Farrar raises the issue on his post about convicted murderer Clayton Weatherston.

National campaigned on a new sentence of “life without parole” for the worst murderers. Weatherston is the poster child for who should get such a sentence. It is a great pity the law has not yet been changed to allow such a sentence. But I do hope under current law he gets at least 20 – 25 years non-parole. Hell I hope he gets 150 years like Bernie Madoff, but the court has sentencing guidelines.

It’s time.

Time for us to rid ourselves of these scum. If we can’t bring ourselves to execute them then they should stay in prison until they are a danger to noone ever again and if that means they stay there till they die then so be it.

It’s time to tell criminals that if you infringe upon society then society doesn’t want or need you to in our sight or thoughts for a very long time.

It wasn’t even 200 years ago that if you stole a loaf of bread that you were transported to Australia. You were executed for crimes only slightly worse than that. The basic premise though was the same, society had had enough of you and your crimes and so you were banished, either to a foreign land or permanently. Both options have merit.

It’s time to start putting scum away and leaving them away.