John Key kills Babies – Mallard

Trevor Mallard generally has taken to blogging like a pig takes to wallowing in shit. He’s pretty good at it but here’s the problem for wee Trev, he’s a MP not a blogger and so traditional blogging rules don’t really apply to him.

Jumping SharkThat is why this post is so egregious because Mallard seriously Jumps the Shark and actually runs the socialist meme that National are Baby Killers.

In this respect he is foolish. Though for a blogger he has done well and attracted over 50 comments, most slamming him about his foolish post.

I can’t believe that Labour are prepared to die in the ditch over the mass medication of millions of Kiwis to save just 40. If saving babies was Trevor’s rationale then surely he would be advocating the saving of more than 18,000 viable, healthy babies per year by banning abortion.

You see where his silly post leads when you take it to its logical conclusion.