Key firm on Fiji expulsion

Key firm on Fiji expulsionPrime Minister John Key said there had been a unanimous decision to expel Fiji from the Pacific Forum, despite several nations recently breaking from the consensus and announcing their support for the military regime. [Stuff Politics]

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong Mr Key.

Mr Key said there was a desire to see a solution in Fiji by all those who has reached the unanimous decision to expel it.

“All 16 countries in the forum want to see a solution, but the question is what that solution will be.”

Cmdre Bainimarama had not engaged in dialogue with the other political stakeholders, Mr Key told reporters.

“From New Zealand’s point of view, it’s not just a conclusion or an outcome we want to see, it’s an enduring outcome.

“But I don’t think there’s any desire to revisit the decision we made which was to suspend Fiji from the Pacific Forum,” Mr Key said.

Well what do you expect from the Commodore?

All New Zealand ever does is wave the big stick, ostracise and ridicule. If we want the Commodore to engage in dialogue then we have to be willing to listen, willing to help, and willing do something. So far all we have been willing to do is shun them while at the same time throw money at arguably less democrtic countries like Samoa and Tonga.

There seems to be a real double standard over Fiji. When the previous administration was in we signed a free trade agreement with Thailand that as at the time controlled by a military junta, we have Kordia a SOE operating in Burma, Helen Clark gave Musharraf of Pakistan, a military dictator, a State reception and lets not forget our ongoing hand-wringing over Zimbabwe.

Actually when you look at it our mendacity over Fiji is glaringly obvious.

We should be assisting the Commodore not shunning him. meanwhile Thaksin Shinwatra is looking to spend $300 million in Fiji further increasing its strategic importance as a communications hub and all the while China and India are pumping in millions as well, while we sit on our hump wagging a finger at Fiji.