Labour hypocrisy – again

With all the faux outrage spewing forth from the Labour/EPMU funded lap-blogs and Labour’s own MPs jumping in to the fray over the pros and cons of Paula Bennett putting information in the public domain we need to recall another case in order to hightlight the extreme hypociry of the left.

Does anyone remember the name Erin Leigh. Trevor Mallard will because he outrageously assaulted her professional reputation and he did it under Parliamentary Privilege as well. That is probably why Trevor Mallard isn’t saying anything over Labour’s own goal with the beneficiaries furore.

Yes, that’s right. Labour attacked a woman because it suited their political agenda at the time a Minister was under intense scrutiny for meddling in the hiring process. They attacked and smeared without a shred of evidence.

Contrast that with Paula Bennett, where she actually delivered facts, not under parliamentary privilege and revealed details that the detractors had failed to reveal themselves. Facts that were pertinent to the case at hand raather than just dirty smearing.

Labour’s shrill wailing should be met with steely stares and ignored for the hypocrisy it is. To my knowledge neither nor Labour has apologised to Erin Leigh for their disgusting attack on her professional integrity.