Labour hypocrisy on Afghanistan

Key rules out SAS training Afghan troopsPrime Minister John Key has snubbed the United States military over what the SAS will do in Afghanistan, saying he does not want them fighting alongside the troubled country’s fledgling army because it is too dangerous. American… [NZ Herald Politics]

As predicted Labour has started whinging about the possibility of John Key sending troops to Afghanistan and in particular the SAS.

Of course they forget that Helen Clark sent them twice and that our most recent VC was won in Afghanistan by a SAS trooper. In fact Helen Clark shamelessly used Corporal Willie Apiata’s VC to promote herself in election year.

And of course lets not forget that Phil Goff enjoyed getting photographed with troops in Afghanistan in 2007.

Their hypocrisy stinks, but we have come to expect no less from Labour under Phil Goff and previously under Helen Clark.

I say send the SAS. They are our best soldiers, it is what they signed up for and they are good at what they do which is killing the enemy.