Labour MPs can't stop troughing

Well now this story is very interesting.

Just a short while ago on the tipline I was informed of a very interesting set of circumstances that need explaining.

Darren HughesOn Thursday last week, which was the 23 July, a little orange twat was picked up at Auckland Airport by a Ministerial Limousine.

That’s right Darren Hughes, a Labour MP, was being ferried about in a ministerial limousine.

Now this is an interesting set of circumstances.  Firstly Darren Hughes is a Labour MP. Labour are in opposition and not entitled to ministerial limousines except for Phil Goff.

So this then raises some interesting questions.

Did Phil Goff book the ministerial limousine so that Darren Hughes wouldn’t have to catch a cab or bus with the rest of the plebs?

Did Darren Hughes also use a ministerial limousine in Wellington to get him to the airport there?

Now the date is interesting. That is just before little Dazza appeared on TVNZ with Paul Henry and Helen Clark in New York. So presumably little Dazza was flying up to Auckland to then fly onto New York. The question still remains though as to why he was using a ministerial limousine at taxpayers expense when he isn’t entitled to?

Now I’d be interested to know when his flight to New York was because then we could assess whether little Dazza was taking further liberties with the taxpayer dollars. If the ministerial limousine was used to pick him up from Domestic and ferry him to a hotel for the night then presumably it was also used to fery him to Auckland International the next day as well.

Just who is authorising these little junkets in the back of a BMW for little Dazza? Is it Phil Goff or is there something even more interesting afoot? You see there is no valid or justified reason for Darren Hughes to be riding in a minsiterial limousine by himself at all. None. That means someone had to book it for him and that someone has breached the rules.

More to come on this, I promise.