Labour's Benny Sting explodes in their face

Labour reckons they are going to complain to the Privacy Commissioner. Good luck with that considering it has now been revealed that one of the silly bints has been blabbing about her own situation all over the Trade Me Forums. She said:

no o stirer, im a fellow dpb mum, if u read the link its me they are talking about, I was shocked when this came up today as i get disabilty allowance and max in our area of $110 accom supplement and a very very long wayyyyy off $1000, wanted to send this thread to bennat as proof, and a few other mps that are very supportive

Oh dear, own goal. But she also goes on and says:

i bet thats because they pay high rents, mine is $110 and i pay $280 rent but in cambridge, so its really not like its free cash its eatine up, considering my standard benifit with 3 kids is $260 then i get wff and $30 disability which would barly cover the costs of my meds, hospital trips etc

Bit hard to win a privacy complaint when your own tame benny blabs about her situation all over the Trade Me forums, incidentally Trade Me is New Zealand’s most popular website.

Even worse there is the information that she appeared on Fair Go after blowing $400 of our tax money on hair extensions.

Incidentally, anybody know if the Natasha Fuller featured in the article is the same one who bought $400 hair extensions on Chapter 2 of this episode of Fair Go ( ), they sort of look similar (except for the dyed hair) and the kids look almost identical….if so the inside of the house, general attire, etc.. would seem to support Paula Bennett’s claim that there’s more to the story than meets the eye..

Oh dear, another Labour sting goes down in flames like the Hindenburg.