Labour's Leadership choices

Since Phil Goff was always only going to be the pro tem Leader of the Opposition and since every time he opens his gob right now he ambushes himself I reckon it is worth looking at who the contenders are.

it doesn’t really require me to point out that in Helengrad any contender was squashed, so Labour don’t really have any potential leaders:

  • David Cunliffe: truck loads of ambition but can he win votes in the general public? Needs to work on his electability with the general public as well as within caucus. It is not the best and brightest that becomes leader, it is the one that can get half of caucus to vote for them. He also does have a problem that will reveal itself later on in the year.
  • Shane Jones: never won anything, hasn’t proved he is electable, and the Bill Liu immigration scam has yet to run its course.
  • Darren Hughes: Likeable, for a Ginga but got beaten by Nathan Guy, he has proven he isn’t electable. Might have made it if he had have done something with his life rather than going straight to parliament. Has spent entire working life suckling from the public teat.
  • Clayton Cosgrove: Definitely electable, holds Waimakariri against the odds but perhaps too much of a brawler and not PC enough for the modern Labour party. Also has apalling punch and grow so no bloke will ever take him seriously with the exception of wig-wearers.
  • Trevor Mallard: A pretender, probably the architect of Goff’s blunders though will deny all knowledge. Has anger problems so not even worth considering.
  • Maryan Street: List MP and list MPs are scum. not only that she is a humourless dungaree wearer.
  • Ruth Dyson: A bit too dead fish and severe. Did I say dour?
  • Lianne Dalziel: Too busy running for Mayor of Christchurch to become leader.
  • David Parker: Who????

So that leaves them with Helen’s legacy, a party gutted of true leadership potential. No-one can challenge Goff in the short term because they simply can’t promise they will win more votes than him.

It is the devils alternative, do you kick out a guy that obviously hasn’t got a shit show, for someone else who hasn’t got a shit show either, and could perhaps do worse.

Also the newer intake will all be wanting a crack at the top job, so they wont be too disappointed if Goff hangs around long enough for the older generation to get their pink slips.Watch out for that other Ginga Chris hipkins, he rates himself even if he is orange. Hell, do Labour have a quota on Gingas? They do for maori, dykes, homos and unionists so i guess they do for Gingas too.