Mad Mayor shamed into giving more

Mad Mayor Andrew WilliamsThe Herald this morning carries the story of the Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay and his embarrassing escapade in rpping off a charity.

It also confirms collusion between Trademe, the auction owner and the Clown of Campbells Bay to remove questions and to identify me, breaching my privacy.

The best part though is that the Clown has had to own his own shit and stump up extra cash to try to save himself from embarrassment. He still lies though in the Herald by saying he tried to save the auction from a rogue bidder. There was no rogue bidder and the ONLY genuine bidder was prevented from bidding in the auction.

I note too that the auction owner also lies. He said I placed rude comments on the auction which is demonstrably (or would be if Trademe hadn’t colluded to remove the questions) and palpably false. I was nothing but polite merely asking if the cabin crew would provide drinks, my preference being for good South Island reds.

Andrew Williams just can’t help himself and contnues to lie.. The real joke is that despite him hurrumphing himself around the North Shore City HQ to stump up the extra cash after suffering a spectacular own goal the poor staff could only muster a measly $880. Shows how much they think of their Mad Mayor doesn’t it.