Mass medication of our Bread – the facts don't warrant it

So let me get this straight. Annette King when she agreed to force bakers to add folate to bread thinks that it is ok to mass medicate the enttre population with folate even when more than 50% of the population has no need for said mass medication. Further the costs simply don’t stack up.

The cost isn’t justified. The rate of spina bifida in New Zealand is 0.94/1000 total births. There were 64,000 live births in New Zealand in 2008. So we are going to medicate the entire population to save 60 babies from Spina Bifida and 50 babies from anencephalus.

That is just fucking ridiculous. We are forcing the enitre population to eat bread that has been mass medicated with folate in order to save 60 babies from spina bifida.

We murder more than that each year in our abortion clinics. We kill 32 babies a day with abortion! Let’s get our priorities right FFS.