Most companies use a customer service department, Jetstar uses the police

Jetstar just can’t get its act together. Their communications staff are simply idiots.

Turbulence continues to dog Jetstar’s fledgling New Zealand operation, with police called to check-ins as passengers become aggressive about delays.

The Qantas subsidiary is also understood to be regularly dishing out $25 meal vouchers for delayed passengers and last weekend paid for hotels for passengers in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington as bad weather halted flights.

But Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway insisted the airline cared about its passengers.

The Sunday Star-Times understands police were called to Jetstar’s counters at Christchurch Airport last weekend after passengers became aggressive over delays.

Police and airline staff diffused the situation and no arrests were made. A similar situation also occurred at the airline’s Auckland Airport check-in.

Right so where other airlines use custoer service personnel to sort out issues, Jetstar uses the Police. Even better their communication fool says that this is “caring about its passengers”.

Holy shit, if that is caring about their passengers I’d hate to see what happens when they don’t care. Riot Police? Special Branch? Water Boarding?