MPs' $4.1m travel expenses made public

MPs’ $4.1m travel expenses made publicPoliticians spent over $7.69 million of tax payer’s money on accommodation and travel in six months. The figures were released by the Speaker Lockwood Smith this morning. MPs claimed a total of $4.166091m in expenses between… [NZ Herald Politics]

Lockwood Smith has released MP travel figures and surprise, surpise the pro tem leader of Opposition has been troughing up large.

Mr Goff’s travels around New Zealand made him the biggest claimant outside of Cabinet, running up $124,480 in bills.

This was made up of $79,027 in surface travel, $35,035 in airfares, $10,294 in Wellington accommodation and $124 in out-of-Wellington accommodation.

I bet a fair whack of that was in order to help Mr Shearer buy the seat of Mt Albert. Nice to see Whack it on teh Bill Phil practices what he preaches….whacking everything on the taxpayers bill.

On on another note I see the former MP for Rotorua has finally had her sex change….well according to the dimwitted repeater at the Herald she/he has anyway.

NZ Herald FAIL!