Mr Egg meet Mr Face

The Standard have scored a massive own goal against their own leader, Phil “Alfred” Goff and their former idol Helen Clark.

Business New Zealand and other assorted tossers. Stop calling our country ‘New Zealand Inc’. This is our home. This is where we live our lives and raise our families. It’s not some profit-maximising engine for your shareholders.

Commenters at the lefty lap-blog have helpfully pointed out the following;

“A New Zealand Inc Approach

In New Zealand’s broadening relationship with Europe a “NZ Inc” approach is critical if we are going to maximise the potential benefits.”

Hon Phil Goff
Minister of Trade

Speech to New Zealand-Europe Business Council
20 June 2008

and again from the assorted tosser;

“New Home for “NZ Inc” in Los Angeles

A New Zealand Inc. approach is the driving force behind the opening of New Zealand’s new Consulate office in Los Angeles, says Foreign Minister, Phil Goff.”

Phil Goff Press Release – 23 Feb 2005


“And in Hong Kong in December I was impressed by our ability – again in contrast to many others – to work as a combined New Zealand Inc operation involving government, industry and NGOs on the same team.”

Hon Phil Goff
Speech to University of Auckland Business School
7 September 2006…/DDSS/HonPhilGoff.pdf

and this from another assorted tosser also known as Helen Clark;

“New Zealand made an early commitment to Expo 2010. We have secured a prime location for our 2000 square metre pavilion. We need strong leadership of a New Zealand Inc team, bringing together government and the private sector.”

Speech announcing NZ Commissioner-General for the World Expo in Shanghai

and again to their beloved party at their conference;

Our economy’s going forward because New Zealand Inc has smart people and we’re prepared to work together to get results.

Keynote Speech, Labour Party Conference 2006