NZ faces BrObesity epidemic

Parekura beat anorexiaCactus Kate has coined the phrase and it is one that has some truth in it. BrObesity. Kiwi’s are supposedly the third fattest in the world. I bet though if they confined the survey to South Auckland we’d be the fattest by a country mile. That is why it should be called BrObesity.

The one thing I object to is it being called an epidemic. That implies that, like Swine Flu, it is an illness that has a medical solution.

The reality is that fatties get that way because they stuff their faces with literally thousands of calories and then fail to utilise those calories allowing their bodies to store them up in some sort of bizarre capacity management experiment.

It is a well known fact that if you use more calories than you put in to your body then you will lose weight. As Maurice Williamson famously put it, there were no fatties in Belsen.

So the solution to the so called epidemic is for people to get Off the Couch and to stop stuffing their faces.

People need to own their own shit. Instead of a fat tax on foods apply the fat tax to the fatties. Insurance companies do, so why notht eh government.

Cactus of course goes a step further and looks at applying a fat tax to tribal organisation so they can fund hospitals and not hotels. This I must add is the first time I have ever seen Cactus propose a new tax!