People should stop talking to Labour MPs

Labour has blown off both feet yet again and again over the personal circumstances of two beneficiaries they were using for political gain.

They have been whining all day and their lap-blogs are calling for Paula Bennett to resign. Slight problem though, Labour has muffed it again.

You see Paula Bennett sought advice from the Privacy Commissioner‘s website.

8. In making allegations against a Department, an individual has released considerable personal detail to the news media. The Minister wishes to respond to the allegations using those details, but wants to add some further detail in order to answer specific allegations.

By releasing a large amount of personal information to the media, the individual is taking the risk that unfavourable publicity could result. If the Minister releases only information which is relevant to the issues raised by the individual, that person may not be able to claim that any particular harm was caused by the Minister’s disclosure rather than by the individual’s own disclosure. If the individual is not harmed, there would not be an interference with the individual’s privacy under section 66 of the Privacy Act.

She sought advice and then followed it, making a mockery of Labour’s attempts to use beneficiaries to bash Bennett.

People thinking of approaching Labour MPs for advice should be very wary that they will mis-represent their situation for political gain and end up hurting the very people they were trying to help.

Labour are having their asses handed to them almost daily with their tragic attempts of smear and fear.

One wonders though why people who are having issues would even bother taking them to the Labour Party.

Neelam Choudary was pimped out by Phil Goff to score points against Richard Worth without disclosing her Labour affiliations, Bruce Burgess’ story was obfuscated by Labour lackies going to the media and now these two silly women hid details about their financial position.

Our welfare system is meant to be a safety net but sadly this case simply exposes the fact that many see it as a trampoline.