Pot, Kettle, Black Clown

Andrew Williams is a ClownRodney Hide goes to the LGNZ conference, gives a great speech, and then the Clown from Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams has the audacity to call Hide a bully.  If ever I heard a pot/kettle statement that was it.

Let’s take stock shall we?  Ever since the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, was elected he has divided the council; abused staff; abused and threatened trustees of a trust; sent late night abusive texts and emails to other mayors, bloggers and members of parliament; called ministers of the government liars; issued embarrassing press releases thanking the rest of the country paying for Auckland’s traffic; and he has punched an ambulance officer.  He was also elected strongly opposing something that he strongly supported (the Whenuapai Airport) a few years ago.

Williams is an embarrassment, a thug, a narcissistic populist and a hypocrite. He has no place as a Mayor of New Zealand’s fourth largest city and thanks to Rodney he soon won’t be.

Oh and Andy mate, going whinging to the cops about me isn’t going to get you anywhere. Yes I have snitches everywhere and I know your every move. You are being held accountable and will be accounted for come election time.