Quote of the Week and First Award

The Quote of the Week goes to John Key.

“I think the real issue that has come out of this situation is whether Phil Goff’s judgement is sound,” Mr Key said.

“In reality this is not the first time he has been found wanting.”

And for the first of the Whaleoil Awards there can be no other than Phil Goff for his spectacular achievements

He is awarded;

The Bill English Award for monumental electoral fuck ups: distributed to any politician that does something really dumb that will cost votes.

Phil GoffThis week has been a disaster for Phil Goff culminating in disasterous poll results from Roy Morgan. ironically Phil Goff started the week with what he thought was a winner policy that quickly turned in to a farce when his poster boy for assistance turned out to be a liar and millionaire property owner. Still Goff valiantly tried to defend his position….making himself and Labour look stupid in the process with their Welfare for millionaires policy.

Phil kind of owns this award due to his multiple screw ups. Phil Goff really is totally compromised now as the pro tem Leader of the Opposition

Well Done Phil, the award is on its way….electoral oblivion.