SFNS causing fires now

Silly First Name Syndrome has been blamed for deaths, injuries and now I can certify that it may have been the cause of a dangerous house fire.

“There’s a fire and we’re all going to die.”

That frightened call from her son sent mother-of-eight Tammy Hippolite-Elkington rushing upstairs to save her family.

The fire badly damaged their Housing New Zealand three-bedroom home in Orchard St, Stoke on Thursday afternoon and St Barnabas Church has taken the family in.

Today, cuddling her one-year-old daughter Dreamz, Mrs Hippolite-Elkington wanted to say thanks to those who have helped the family.

She first realised something was up when her younger children came running downstairs, urging her to “come and look”, saying “quick, quick”.

Her three-year-old daughter had a lighter in her hand and she asked what had happened.

That’s when her son blurted out there was a fire and she rushed upstairs to find a mattress in a bedroom on fire.

Those aren’t Dreamz honey, those are nightmarez. Change the kid’s name before more evil befalls you.