Some more Questions for Rosie and Semisi

It is clear that the MSM thinks a once over lightly for Semisi Fakaosikimuli and Rosie Brown will suffice. Unfortunately for both of them and for Su’a William Sio this blog has some more information that has come via the tipline and therefore we have some additional questions that need to be asked and then answered by all three.

Sworn Statement by Jian HanIn his sworn statement Jian Han says he has never met Rosie Brown nor autthorised her to act on his behalf, yet the applications were submitted directly to Immigration by her.

Why did Rosie Brown claim to be Mr Han’s authorised agent on his application forms when she has never been authorised by him to that position and when she has never met Mr Han?

As a person who is working for a Member of Parliament she should be above reproach. Surely it would be unacceptable for any person to claim to INZ to be an applicant’s agent without any authority from the applicant.

It is almost inconceivable that this is a one off application that Rosie Brown and Semisi Fakaosikimuli have simply “made a mistake” on.

How many other applications have been submitted by Rosie Brown and/or Semisi Fakaosikimuli?

INZ surely needs to investigate all applications submitted by Rosie Brown and/or Semisi Fakaosikimuli in order to determine if other fraudulent activities have been carried out. It is reasonable to suspect that Mr Fakaosikimuli and/or Rosie Brown may have been involved in other fraudulent activities.

Why is Rosie Brown seemingly conducting an immigration advisory business from the Offices of Su’a William Sio?

More importantly why are Rosie Brown and/or Semisi Fakaosikimuli submitting forms when they are clearly not even registered as licenced Immigration Agdvisor?

Is this because Semisi Fakaosikimuli is a “known” person to Immigration and so is trying to subvert the registration processes by using Rosie Brown in her capacity as an electorate agent, using her exemption under the law to submit documents?

In order for that to be the case then Rosie Brown must be in the employ of Pariamentary Services and Su’a William Sio, that then raises more questions about the ethics of working for an MP and submitting documents as the authorised agent of an immigration applicant.

How many other electorate agents are acting as the authorised agent for immigration applicants?

Very vexing questions, I wonder perhaps if we will get some answers.