Super City Protest – FAIL!

A new psycho anti-privatisation loser brigade (Grassroots Action Group or GAG) are selling photos of various landmarks around Auckland in a stunt to protest their concerns over the supercity. It also appears to be aligned with unwanted Labour candidate Phil “the Fool” Twyford and his stupid website. Once again Twyford’s stunts have backfired in a spectacular fashion. This campaign is just such a spectacularl FAIL! it isn’t funny. Putting up photo of parks and libraries and state highways is just silly, pathetic scaremongering.

The fools have listed a whole heap of money losing assets that would be of little interest to the private sector, or are things which palpably wouldn’t ever be sold off. Even better somethings aren’t even owned by any council and they even listed privately owned property! They really are Notyourstosell….nor are they anyone elses as they are owned privately already.

For example – the Auckland Harbour Bridge. As the saying goes, if you’re that gullible, I’ve got a bridge I could sell you. Besides which, it’s not owned by the councils but by the NZTA as it is a state highway.

The old Auckland Customs Building is also listed. The anti-privatisation hate-everything bumblefucks have chosen a building owned by a private owner! Council sold the Customs Building under a special heritage deed around 12 years ago, and the land itself is apparently owned by DOC.

The New Lynn Library – hardly a crown jewel for overseas investors given libraries don’t make money.

North Shore stadium – could anyone point out to me a stadium in Auckland or indeed the rest of the world that makes large amounts of money?

The Telstra Clear Events Centre in Manukau is owned by a Trust that even sued the Manukau City Council.

All in all, GAG and Phil Twyford have excelled themselves in aiming their weapons at their own feet. Good luck losers. Enjoy walking on your stumps.