TardMe costs Charity $1000, blacklists the Whale from auction

Trademe and the Mad Mayor, the Clown of Campbells Bay have thwarted my plans to donate $1000 to the Westpac Helicopter to spend an hour and a half with the fool.

They conspired to accept firstly dummy bids, then one hour before closing to remove those bids and then finally to blacklist me from bidding on that auction.

Andrew Williams is a coward. Tardme are humourless c**ts and now join my shit list.

I will now be asking for all correspondence un the LGOIMA between Andrew Williams, the Council, any council officer and Trademe in relation to this auction to see if they actually did collude on this.

Further their retarded actions have now cost the Westpac Helicopter $1000.

They don’t deserve the money now. Could my readers please provide alternatives to donate the money to.

For a good laugh go to the tardme.co.nz site.