The Clown wastes $17800 on a survey

The Clown of Campbells and mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams, has spent $17,800 of ratepayers money on a survey carried out by Colmar Brunton into attitudes toward the Auckland City amalgamation that was subsequently published on July 9th and publicised in various news media.

The council’s response;

From: Rob Pitney
Sent: Tuesday, 21 July 2009 5:54 p.m.
To: Whaleoil
Subject: RE: Ratepayer Survey

Hello, sorry I hadn’t had a chance to return your call. The cost of this survey was $17,800. The Councillors elected to forgoe a pay increase (around the same amount) offered by Central Government for attending meetings around changes to Auckland Governance. They decided that using this money to find out the concerns of ratepayers was putting the money to better use.

Regards Rob

Rob Pitney | Marketing and Communications Manager
Customer and Information Services

Great, so not only does the mad mayor waste ratepayers money on plonk to the tune of $12,000 he now goes an blows $17,800 on a survey and they justify the expoense by saying that they haven’t taken a pay rise toi attend meetings that will be important for the transition to one city.

It is time for this plonker to be ousted from the council along with his bevy of mates.

Don’t forget that the auction to put me in the COCKpit of the flight simulator with Andrew Williams for an hour and half ends tonight. I have $900 NZD so hope that will be enough to win.