The confusing position of the Greens

I have been watching with facinatation the Greens position on the poisoning of our bread by the Australian’s under the guise of mass medication.

The Greens certainly are a strange lot. On one hand they want to limit and ban almost everything for the good of us and force us to do other things and just recently they have come out against the mass medication of our bread.

This to me didn’t resonate. Normally the Greens are all into forcing us to do something for the grater good and so mass medication through fortifying our bread with folic acid seemed to right up thwir ally. Why are they opposed to it.

A quick check through Google soon revealed the hypocrisy of Sue Kedgley.

In July 2006 she said;

“While we are generally supportive of the proposal to fortify flour with folate, in the hope that it will reduce the numbers of babies being born with spina bifida and provide other health benefits, we believe this can be done in a way which doesn’t erode consumer choice”

Right so just 3 years ago they were “generally supportive” of poisoning us with folate, including those of us who aren’t, can’t or won’t get pregnant, all for the good of 60 babies per annum. It isn’t like they wanted to only exempt organic bread either;

“If fortification takes place at the bakery rather than milling stage, then some bread lines could be available for consumers who may wish to avoid folate enriched flour for health, cultural or other reasons. Consumers currently have the choice of whether they wish to consume iodised or non-iodised salt and I believe that choice should also be available to them with folate fortified bread,”

No, for organic breads they still wanted to add folate to our bread but instead of adding it at milling, add it at baking. Right, so organic can still apply to the flour but not to the bread. Nowhere in her press release does it suggest not adding folate, just where it should be added and as per usual we neeeded to medicate the whole population for just 60 pregnancies er annum, right up the Greens alley.

This of course contrasts starkly against Sue Kedgely’s position today.

“There are some concerns in the scientific community that too much folic acid can cause pre cancerous cells and tumours to grow more quickly. Given this new research we need to take a precautionary approach and be certain it is safe before we require almost every loaf of bread to be fortified with folic acid,”

And of course Sue Kedgley has been scare-mongering on Q+A as well.

But she’s saying we have to do it so we’re eating up for Australia, we’re going to be forced because of some trade relationship with Australia, surely we should put – public health issues should be paramount, not some diplomatic relationship.

So what is her position? Is she for it or against it, or for it but in a little while/ Or perhaps for it because it’s good for you and against it on organic?

For the record I am against the poisoning of our bread by the Australians. I am for personal choice. I see nothing wrong with making supplements available to those who ask. I see no valid reason at all in forcing the entire population to be mass medicated for something that is readily avaialbe in almost every supermarket in the country.

And before you point out that salt is iodised…yes well our soils don’t have iodine in it so it made sense to add it to salt. Of course we are now seeing plenty of iodine deficiency related illness appearing after the wallies told us salt was bad for us. I my self buy rock salt and so choose to have no iodine. Fluoride is the same. It is good for almost everyone. Folate is the direct opposite situation as Fluoride.