The Mendacity of the Mad Mayor

The Mad Mayor, The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, has issued yet another press release.

The successful bid in a charity auction raising funds for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust has also benefited the teen cancer charity CanTeen with three young people living with cancer receiving a one hour ‘flight’ in Flight Experience Takapuna’s state of the art flight simulator, North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams said today.

The successful bid? The Mad Mayor rigged the auction, arranged with the collusion of Trademe who must have breached my privacy of data to allow him to have me blacklisted, then altered the existing bids and had to rely on his own daughter to bid and even she thought he wasn’t worth more than $150.

“The auction was the idea of a bright, enterprising young North Shore man Lewis Simmons and involved a raft of well known New Zealanders, including Prime Minister John Key, putting themselves up for ‘auction’ to ‘pilot’ the winning bidders in the simulator ‘flight of a lifetime’, with all the money raised going to the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust,” Mayor Williams said.

Blah, blah, blah, Whatever!

“Thanks to the generosity of my fellow Councillors and North Shore City Council staff, the winning bid for my ‘flight’ of $150 has grown since the auction closed to $1030 for the rescue helicopter. The prize itself was donated by the successful bidder to CanTeen, which does wonderful work to ensure that no young person in New Zealand living with cancer should ever have to feel alone.”

What! He strong armed his council workers and fellow councillors for a whip around so he could save face. What a conniving, grasping ass. the successful bidder, you mean Nicky, your daughter, after this legitimate bidder was blacklisted in a breach of my privacy. Even though he put the begging bowl around the council he still only managed to stump up a grand. Then to make matters worse he inflicts his soaked self unpon three kids who havce cancer….haven’t they suffered enough?

“I am so pleased to have been given the opportunity to donate a little of my own time to help these most worthy of causes, and I sincerely thank the wonderful civic minded people who supported the winning auction bid,” Mayor Williams said.

Mayor Williams also said he was “very proud” of his own daughter, Nicky, and family who made the successful auction bid in order to donate the ‘flight experience’ to charity. Our family have been long-time supporters of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and this was brought home to us very personally when a member of the family was flown to hospital in a critical condition.

Really? Actually Mr Mad mayor you lie. you lie so badly I can’t even use descriptions like “less than honest” or “untruthful”. They are so bad they have to be called for what they are, lies.

Mayor Andrew Williams doesn’t support the Rescue Helicopter, if he did he wouldn’t have voted with the rest of his council to ignore the REgional Amenities Act designed to share the burden of Aucklands regional amenities including the Rescue helicopter.

In fact Brian Rudman was scathing of the North Shore City in an article on August 29 2008.

For too long, the 31 per cent of Auckland’s 1.4 million people who live in Auckland City have provided the lion’s share – 81 per cent – of the public support going to the 10 regional amenities in the bill. North Shore City, on the other hand, provides just 1.46 per cent. This despite 20 per cent of Auckland Town Hall and Aotea Centre patrons being North Shore residents.

What the act does is make ratepayers right across the region pay the same per-head contribution to surf lifesaving and helicopter rescue and the Auckland Festival and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and six other regional amenities that Auckland City ratepayers now pay.

Rudman went further lambasting Andrew Williams;

Actually, Mr Williams went much further, referring to Mr Hide’s “breathtaking hypocrisy,” which I guess from his side of the fence it must seem. Because as the small-minded mayor of a mean-spirited council that refused to pay its share for regional amenities like the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the Westpac rescue helicopter, Mr Williams (and his council) are still smarting over Mr Hide’s joining Labour and the Greens to pass the law that forced North Shorites to finally act as citizens of Greater Auckland.

In fact Andrew Williams lobbied long and hard against the Regional Amenities Bill including sending numerous emails to National MP’s at all hours of the day and night. (These will be revealed in due course) He was adamantly against the bill with all his finger wagging, cowardly, hypocritical bully-boy antics.

It seems that Andrew Williams is now for the Rescue Helicopter when before his council voted to leave the burden of paying for the helicopter upon the ratepayers of Auckland City. He has never paid his way and still hasn’t. His record speaks for itself and arm-twisting his daughter and staff won’t take away his mendacity.

After spiking a legitimate bidder then spectacularly failing and having to rely on a begging bowl and his daughter to save his ass he now has the temerity to lie in the press release gloating about his raising $1030 after undoubtedly cajoling the unwilling staff of North HSore city to stump up with the face saving cash.

Hell this blog raised $1000 from 11 online donations, and some off-line ones. Andrew Williams is a coward, a liar, a bully, a hypocrite, did I mention liar? I did, oh well I think it needs to be mentioned again, a liar.

He should hang his head in shame, not only for hijacking n auction because he ws afraid of a blogger but also for subjecting three sick kids to an hour and half with him in an enclosed space. The fumes would have been eye watering.